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High Standard Cleaning Practices

The hotel’s cleanliness and sanitization is our top priority!
There is nothing that speaks more favorably or appeals to our customers more than a beautifully kept and clean room. Keeping our hotel in tip-top shape not only includes caring for the rooms, but the common areas as well.
All cleaning materials used in the hotel are effective against COVID-19.


Guest Rooms

Our guests expect their rooms to be clean, neat and ready for them when they arrive. It is a proven fact that hotel guests will make a decision about the cleanliness of their room -and the competence of the hotel’s cleaning service- within the first thirty seconds after they enter the room.

In order to make sure that guest rooms are in the best condition possible, we start by dusting the room with a microfiber cloth to catch as much of the dust and dirt as possible. We dust all furniture, baseboards, doors and windows sills. We then polish the furniture with a commercial polish, making sure to remove any spots or marks left by the previous guests. Strip the bedding, replace with clean sheets and remake the bed. Vacuum the carpets, remove the trash and disinfect all areas.


Guest Bathrooms

During cleaning, we spray disinfectant across all bathroom surfaces and let it work for a minimum of five minutes. Then wipe down the walls and counters, use disinfectant and a scrub brush to clean the outside of the toilet -including where the toilets meet the floor- and use a toilet bowl cleaner and toilet brush to scrub the inside. Scrub the tub, tub walls and fixtures with disinfectant. Clean the mirror with a vinegar solution to prevent streaking. Finally we sweep and then mop the floor with disinfectant.


Disinfection of Beds

Hotel guests spend about a third of their stay in. Our staff use an innovative, specially designed UV Ultra Vac bed cleaner, which has an inbuilt UV light. These special UV rays are proven to damage dust mite and bed bug DNA and reduce infestations by more than 90%. It also has a built-in HEPA filter, which removes 99.9% of allergens from the air, so you can rest assured that you sleep on a clean mattress. The UV light kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including salmonella, E. Coli and Staphylococcus. The mattress is finally vacuumed.