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Environmental policy and sustainable development


Fiscardonna hotel is aware of its responsibility towards the environment


Environmental policy and sustainable development are crucial cornerstones of our corporate philosophy and provide major contributions to the overall Fiscardonna experience. Fiscardonna hotel is aware of its responsibility towards the environment, our employees and the local community. Thus we continuously aim for excellence in environmental, social and ethical activities as a key behavior for a successful and sustainable business. We know that what can be good for the planet is also good for business.

We at Fiscardonna luxury suites are fully aware of what sustainable hotel management is and are totally committed to:

  • conserve natural resources
  • use environmental-friendly technology
  • adapt our operation to regional characteristics & conditions
  • minimize negative impacts of our activity
  • reduce - reuse – recycle

Thank you for helping us achieve our environmental goals!


What means:

conserve natural resources

careful use of water reserves

protect the natural landscape in the hotel construction

protect natural flora of the area

use environmental technology

implementation of the latest technical standards in hotel construction & facilities

sourcing energy efficient equipment & machinery (AA class)

use of energy save lamps & lights

use of timers & moving sensors in less frequented areas

master switch for electricity in all rooms

breaker contacts on doors & windows for air-conditioners

water saving buttons in all WCs


solar systems for lighting

BMS system for energy saving

use of gas instead of diesel

adapt our operation to regional characteristics & conditions

avoid excessive imports

use of seasonal products for the F&B

sourcing products from the region, thus strengthening the local businesses

production and use of olive oil in the hotel’s privet nearby oil fields

minimize negative impacts of our activity

use of recyclable, recycled & natural biodegradable materials

energy, waste and water saving

environmental hotel linen policy in all rooms

reduce - reuse - recycle

waste sorting containers in hotel premises

no single-portion packaging in F&B

use of reusable bulk containers

non disposable cutlery - tableware

recycling of all bottles of water, wine & refreshments

battery recycle waste baskets in hotel premises

What we believe for a greener future

Fiscardonna is a Non-Smoking Hotel. We provide a Smoke-Free Accommodation for our guests in all common indoors areas including all guest rooms. Additionally we are committed to further reductions and help prevent climate change. Our goal remains to reduce our overall primary energy consumption by at least 10% in the coming year.  Suggestions of how we can reduce our consumption of natural resources are very welcome from guests, employees and the community.

Our Green Awards

We are proud to have been awarded both the Green Key Award for our Eco-Friendly Practices as well as the Monachous monachous seal privation award. As part of our ongoing commitment, we are dedicated to developing our environmental policies further.

Fiscardonna is also involved in the Monachous monachous protection plan. 3% OF OUR ANNUAL REVENUE IS DONATED FOR THE PROTECTION OF MONACHOUS MONACHOUS SEAL! 

The sea between Fiscardo and Ithaki, where the water is 165m deep, is home to the Mediterranean Seal (Monachus monachus). Its existence was mentioned by Homer. It takes refuge in sea-caves and lives on fish and octopuses. It usually gives birth to only one pup. This likeable animal is threatened with extinction, due in part to illegal fishing practices, but mainly to the development of tourism. It is the duty of each one of us to avoid disturbing the seals and to report to the authorities anything we think may be harmful to the defenseless animals.